The Company



After constructing a few prototypes as a hobby, in 1978 Ferruccio Covini founded the Covini Engineering, a small company dedicated to the construction of static and automotive prototypes. Built from the passion for cars and engines, the artisan company has been active mainly with experimentation and innovation rather than big volume production.


The main prototypes so far built are the T44 Soleado (1978), a sportscar with 4 wheel drive and and innovative bodyshell made with interchangeable panels, the T40 Summit (1986), a luxurious and elegant 2+2 coupe propelled by a 4 litre engine with an experimental Overboost system, the B24 Sirio (1982), a sports 2 seater saloon, the first production diesel engined car reaching 200 Km/h (125 mph); C36 Turbotronic (1998): a Supercoupé able to shatter the 300 Km/h barrier (188 mph). These prototypes have the peculiarity of being all propelled by the powerful diesel engines from VM Motori (from Cento, Ferrara).


Actually the company is developing the new COVINI C6W, a three axles super gt, that looks to active and passive safety without give up the performances.


Covini Engineering has alsso taken part in other important projects like the design and manufacture of the Dragon Fly ultralight 2 seater helicopter, and the supercar Chevrolet Callaway C7.


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